Significant Others

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    The Significant Others is a rock band that serves up a potent party cocktail. Theirs is a rare chemistry that blends an eclectic list of songs, a love of playing music with each other, and a healthy pour of incredible live energy.  The mix is strong, one that unifies both band and crowd in a single common cause: getting people up for getting down.

    The Significant Others bring a powerful and positive energy to every event. They play the old stuff (Otis Redding, The Police, Frankie Valli), the new stuff (Maroon 5, Vampire Weekend, The Black Keys), and everything in between (Huey Lewis & The News, Tupac, Sublime, and yes, Whitney Houston too).  Through inventive arrangements, tight medleys, and danceable grooves, the band turns each and every performance into an event - YOUR event.  

    And just when you think the blend is near perfect, charismatic male and female singers infuse the perfect layer of cool to complement the band’s pure fire.  From their unique stage decor and tasteful production to a bumping rhythm section and spot-on harmonies, the band delivers a unique approach with universal appeal.

    So, go ahead — take a sip, have a blast. The Significant Others is the kind of band you’ve heard of but never seen.  Now’s your chance.

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